cosy, casual, shabby chic. followers of no trends, just a purpose to make you feel at home.


no geographical boundaries or complication, thoughtful use of the best seasonal ingredients & trusted local suppliers lead to a tasty outcome.

small plates

salt baked turnip, anchovy butter, parmesan, thyme, lemon [gf] £4.80

drunken beans, avocado, corn gorditas [vg/gf] £5

grey mullet ceviche, nduja dressing,
pineapple 3 ways, pistachio, kohlrabi [gf] £5.40

soup, bread & butter [v] £4.90 

szechuan spiced duck wings,
peanut butter dipping sauce [gf/lf] £6.50

baked feta, honey, chilli, oregano,
toasted sourdough [v] £5

pumpkin & hazelnut hummus, dukkah,
chicory crudités [vg/gf] £5.50

medium plates

corned venison stovies, juniper pickled beetroot, oatcakes £6

beer roasted pork shoulder, plum sauce [lf] £9

charred squid, sumac, smoked cauliflower purée, preserved lime [gf] £7.50

wild mushroom bridie, beetroot ketchup [vg] £6.50

celeriac root croquettes, seaweed powder,
black truffle [v] £6.70

large plates

pan roasted monkfish, blanched cabbage, charred green béarnaise,
salt & vinegar matchstick fries [gf] £16.50

malai spiced tofu & nut kofta, tomato cream,
veg biriyani, roti [vg] £14.50

crispy fried chicken, leek sauce, japanese rice, ramen egg, slow roast tomato £16

lamb cutlet, lamb bacon, beetroot jus,
warm scotch broth salad [lf] £17.50

double philly burger: 2 burger patties, gherkins, dilly cream cheese, cheddar,
sautéed onions, green peppers, ciabatta £12

frijole bean burger, avocado cream, pico de gallo, queso fresco cheese, chipotle mayo,
brioche bun [v] £11

+ burger sides: sweet potato fries [vg/gf]
french fries [vg/gf] £2.20

tasting boards

charcuterie // selection of 6 charcuterie, pickles, sourdough £23

fish // salt cod, fennel pickled clams, smoked salmon,
beetroot herring rollmops, crab paté, pickles, caper berries, sourdough £23

veggie //  carrot, ginger & lemongrass terrine,
cucumber salad, sesame & chilli dressing, celeriac croquettes, smoked tomato,
dip trio, pickled veg, roasted root veg, sourdough [v] £20

big cheese //  white stilton, inverloch hard goat’s cheese, strathdon blue, meringue brie,
honey walnuts, pickles, sherry soaked raisins, oatcakes, sourdough £17

mixed //  selection of sharing platters:
east coast charcuterie, fish, veggie, cheese, pickles & sourdough £26




sweet potato fries [vg/gf] £3.50

french fries [vg/gf] £3

roast root veg, charred green béarnaise [v] £4.50

cucumber salad, sesame & chilli dressing [vg] £4

roti + green chilli butter [v]  £3.50

sourdough + salted butter or rapeseed oil [v] or anchovy butter £3.50

olives [vg/gf] £4.50

scotch broth salad [lf] £5



set coconut cream + pineapple, thai basil & ginger granita, basil seed compote,
toasted desiccated coconut [vg/gf] £7

malted white chocolate mousse, shortbread, popcorn & hazelnut butter caramel,
dark chocolate crumb [v] £7

parsnip & white chocolate ganache, honeycomb, aged parmesan, saffron & pear sorbet £7

steamed pudding + custard or ice cream [v]
[check daily specials] £6.50

[v – vegetarian / vg – vegan / lf – lactose free /
gf – gluten free]



seasonal focus for wines & cocktails, a modest well formed list featuring interesting ingredients, supporting local or small producers best we can.


he’s a real funghi

fruity, earthy, easy
evan williams bourbon, apricot liqueur, blood peach purée, citrus, sugar, porchini syrup, egg white £7.70

kung fu cantona

short, strong, aromatic
ophir spiced gin, rhubarb liqueur, domain de canton, hellfire bitters, coriander, white vermouth £7.80

red mist wash over

spicy, smoky, fruity
vida mezcal, apricot liqueur, orange bitters, sweet paprika, sun dried tomato, spices £7.70

pisco nap

tropical, zingy, sour
capel pisco, koko kanu rum, celery, lime, grapefruit bitters, sugar, egg white £7.70

what’s-a matter u hey!

intense, strong, bittersweet
campari, dark matter spiced rum, ristretto liqueur, porter reduction £7.90

midsummer spritz

crisp, refreshing, fragrant
martin miller’s gin, hallands fläder aquavit, gooseberry, prosecco £7.85

bloody tremendous

juicy, short, boozy
three corners gin, solerno blood orange liqueur, amaro vermouth, maraschino, bitters £7.70

mary stairs

spicy, medicinal, long
el dorado 3 rum or davna bison grass vodka,
basil, fermented chilli, cucumber, spices, tomato, £7.70

cactus jack

fruity, fresh, easy
ocho tequila reposado, prickly pear liqueur, basil liqueur, amaro vermouth, watermelon syrup, citrus £7.70

the rdj

punchy, aromatic, serious
wray & nephew overproof rum, yellow chartreuse, elderflower gin, citrus, sugar £7.70


short, boozy, legendary
martin miller’s westbourne gin or ogilvy vodka, vermouth, lemon or olive –made your way £7.50

9 lives

fresh, savoury, spicy
ocho blanco tequila, apple liqueur, coriander, green pepper, chilli, yellow chartreuse, grapefruit bitters, citrus, sugar £7.50

maple manhattan

rich, short, luxurious
rittenhouse rye whiskey, vermouth di torino, maple syrup, smoke essence, bitters £7.80


smoky, creamy, malty
smokehead whisky, espresso, ristretto liqueur, hop liquorice reduction, px sherry, egg £7.85

40 thieves

fresh, light, aromatic
black pepper infused vodka, limoncello, saki, bay syrup, egg white, sesame, citrus £7.70

tropic thunder

tropical, dry, boozy
ciroc pineapple vodka, escubac, tarragon, dry vermouth, ginger bitters £7.80


– we operate by table service only,
so sit down, relax & let us take care of you

– as we’re a bar/restaurant no persons under the age of 18 are permitted after 8pm

– if you are a group coming to visit & more friends may be joining you, please tell us how many so we can seat you appropriately

– a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to tables of 6 or more

– we usually allocate 2hrs dining time per booking, please let us know if you would like longer

– it is possible on occasion to hire Under the Stairs for private dining / meetings / special events
[contact us for details]

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